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Precision Turbines’ corporate mission is to provide the worldwide aviation community with outstanding customer service while creating a work place that fosters innovation and individual growth in character and spirit. Our business goals are to achieve growth in revenue, increased market share and continued new product development. The company is founded on the best customer service in the world. Business is conducted with complete integrity and the highest standards of ethics. We are totally committed to team work, individual respect, hard work, innovative engineering and the best business practices which will result in the long term success of Precision Turbines and our Team Members.

Honeywell TFE731

The Honeywell TFE731 is a family of turbofan engines commonly used on business jet aircraft. The engine was originally designed and built by Garrett AiResearch, and due to mergers was later produced by AlliedSignal and currently Honeywell. Since the engine was introduced in 1972, over 11,000 engines have been built, flying over 100 million flight-hours.


The TFE731 was based on the core of the TSCP700, which was specifically developed for use as the auxiliary power unit (APU) on the McDonnell Douglas DC-10. The design featured two important factors, low fuel consumption, and low noise profiles which met the newly established U.S. noise abatement regulations.

The first production model, the TFE731-2 began rolling off the assembly line in August, 1972, and was used on the Learjet 35/36 and Dassault Falcon 10, both of which entered production in 1973. The TFE731-3 was developed for use in the Lockheed JetStar re-engining program, and subsequent versions of it have been used on a number of aircraft, including the Learjet 55. The -5 model was certified in 1982, and a decade later, an engine utilizing the TFE731-5 power section and a TFE731-3 fan was built and designated the TFE731-4, intended to power the Cessna Citation 650 and 750 series aircraft.

The most recent version is the TFE731-50, based on the -60 used on the Falcon 900DX, which underwent its flight test program in 2005. Honeywell has developed this engine complete with nacelle as a candidate to retrofit a number of aircraft equipped with older engines.

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Proven Reliability

The TFE731 family of engines has a legacy of proven reliability. The first TFE731 was certified in 1972. Since that time, more than 11,000 engines have been produced, logging an astounding 100 million plus hours of service on more than 27 different aircraft applications. The TFE731 gives you everything you want in an engine with proven experience, performance, and reliability. The newest member of the TFE731 family is currently in development.

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