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Mission Statement

Precision Turbines’ corporate mission is to provide the worldwide aviation community with outstanding customer service while creating a work place that fosters innovation and individual growth in character and spirit. Our business goals are to achieve growth in revenue, increased market share and continued new product development. The company is founded on the best customer service in the world. Business is conducted with complete integrity and the highest standards of ethics. We are totally committed to team work, individual respect, hard work, innovative engineering and the best business practices which will result in the long term success of Precision Turbines and our Team Members.

Turboprop Upgrades

Precision Turbines Inc. is a recognized aviation leader in providing engine performance solutions to the turboprop fleet. We offer a large number of STC twin engine turboprop engine upgrades. We are trusted professionals who will ensure you make the best performance, quality and cost tradeoff for your turbo prop upgrade.            

Precision Turbines is owned and operated by pilots who have accumulated over 80,000 hours of flight time. We base our STC recommendations on decades of worldwide Military and Commercial flight experience. Our managers have flown everything from B-777 to King Airs to Helos and this yoke-in-the-hands experience allows us to recommend the best and most economical STC for your aircraft. All our recommended STCs result in improved performance, increased SHP, better economy and a greener operation.

  • Price comparable to overhaul
  • Factory-new engines with new engine warranty
  • Increased true airspeed
  • Increased rate of climb
  • Increased single engine service ceiling
  • Decreased time and fuel to climb
  • Lower operating cost
  • Increased maximum range

The venerable PT6A has been meeting very high standards for over 40 years making it the number one turboprop engine in the world.

Upgrades include:

  • King Air 90 Series: PT6A-21, PT6A-28, PT6A-135A
  • King Air 200 Series: PT6A-42, PT6A-52, PT6A-61
  • Caravan :  PT6A-42A
  • Conquest II:  PT6A-135A
  • Cheyenne I/II : PT6A-28, PT6A-135A