Precision Turbines, Inc.
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Mission Statement

Precision Turbines’ corporate mission is to provide the worldwide aviation community with outstanding customer service while creating a work place that fosters innovation and individual growth in character and spirit. Our business goals are to achieve growth in revenue, increased market share and continued new product development. The company is founded on the best customer service in the world. Business is conducted with complete integrity and the highest standards of ethics. We are totally committed to team work, individual respect, hard work, innovative engineering and the best business practices which will result in the long term success of Precision Turbines and our Team Members.

Government & Military Services

One of the primary differentiators that separate Precision Turbines from its competitors is Precision Turbines’ extensive US Military aviation background and tactical experience. At the core of Precision Turbines’ CLS successes are a management team with over 50 years of US Military active duty experience and Pilot in Command flight time of 45,000 hours. Our team has flown and maintained everything from a T-34 to a Citation to a P-3 to a Boeing 777.

Jamie Stember and Joe Nigra support PTI’s CLS efforts with years of Aircraft and Engine Maintenance & Operational Experience. Jamie Stember has completed his coursework to be a Certified Aviation Manager (CAM). Joe Nigra is a licensed A&P and PI mechanic. Together their experience provides realistic, hands on perspective in managing and maintaining aircraft while executing the deployment and sustainment of security technologies for OEM’s and/or the deployed US warfighter.  Most of the Precision Turbines contractor logistics support personnel are former US military members with extensive aviation maintenance experience.

Precision Turbines tailors the following CLS capabilities to meet customer needs:

  • Supply chain management
  • Deployment and OAG support
  • Integrated logistical support services
  • Total life cycle support and obsolescence solutions
  • Performance based logistics
  • Technical publications
  • Configuration and inventory management
  • Reliability, maintainability and enhancement
  • Spares and provisioning
  • Program management
  • Contractor Operated and Managed Base Supply (COMBS)

Precision Turbines supports our managed aircraft on a world wide scale through our supporting partner SinglePointAssist and its extensive network of repair facilities. SinglePointAssist has in place, a series of maintenance support agreements which allow us to fully and efficiently support AOG aircraft world wide with parts and repairs.

The Precision Turbines CLS team includes the best of breed overhaul and depot level maintenance partners. Our maintenance team includes Pratt & Whitney, Vector Atlantic(Pratt DDOF), Standard Aero, National Flight, Duncan Aviation, Sierra Industries, StarPort Aviation, Prime Turbines, Reliable Jet, Banyan Aviation, Atlantic Aero, as well as numerous Part 145 repair stations across the US.

Precision Turbines held a two year contract with the Department of Commerce and is now in a second year under CLS contract with the Department of Commerce for the Twin Otter program. We managed the Citation Fleet in a cost effective efficient manner placing safety and readiness at the top of our priority list. In addition to the Citation Fleet and Twin Otter, Precision Turbines also manages two
C-38 Aircraft at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland for the U.S Air Force. Praise on Precision Turbines management and quality of work includes:

“Thank you-Thank you- Thank you- What a relief to have an “Up” aircraft“-CDR NOAA, AOC Maintenance Branch Chief

“Within the past 90 days we have experienced a dramatic increase (100 %+) in our Mission Capability”- Deputy Maintenance Commander, 201st ANG

Commenting on the C-38 Capabilities: “Increased aircraft availability has allowed for greater mission capability and more just-in-time aircrew training”

When asked to comment on the quality of PT’s work and its personnel as they relate to C-38 work: “Impressive, Depth of knowledge and expertise has made a positive measurable impact on our mission; PT’s personnel are highly professional, courteous and responsible along with being excellent maintenance strategists”

From the top, President, Robert Spahr, a distinguished Navy Pilot, to Program Managers, we understand aircraft and the aircrew that operate them. It is our commitment and honor to serve the US War Fighter with the best CLS team in the industry.