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Stallion Mod to the Citation 501SP

The Stallion is a modification to the Cessna Citation 501SP model with new Williams International FJ44-2A Wide Sweep 2,300 Pound Turbofan engines. Included in this modification are:

  • Digital electronic fuel control units for comprehensive power management.
  • Full time syncing between the two engines when in ECU mode.

Airframe modification to accept the new engines:

  • All engineered and approved structural changes to the aircraft to accept the FJ44’s.
  • Two (2) new hydraulic pumps.
  • All new engine mounts, hoses and bleed air lines.
  • New high recovery inlets and convergent / divergent exhaust nozzles.
  • New Hicock 2” round panel engine instruments.
  • Paint on the affected areas.

The Stallion provides superior performance and capability. The following are estimated Stallion performance benefits over the JT15D-1A engine:

The JT15D-1A powered aircraft can only maintain Vmo to 19,000 feet where the Stallion can maintain Vmo all the way to the Mmo limit and then Mmo as high as 35,000 feet.

  • Climb direct to 41,000 feet at gross weight in less than 30 minutes.
  • Higher service ceiling of 43,000 feet.
  • Maximum cruise speed of more than 40 knots faster.
  • Economy cruise speed as much as 30 knots faster.
  • Fly 150 miles farther at maximum cruise power.
  • Fly 200 miles farther at economy cruise power.
  • Climb 50% better at sea level with all engine operative and 38% better at sea level with one engine operative.