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Mission Statement

Precision Turbines’ corporate mission is to provide the worldwide aviation community with outstanding customer service while creating a work place that fosters innovation and individual growth in character and spirit. Our business goals are to achieve growth in revenue, increased market share and continued new product development. The company is founded on the best customer service in the world. Business is conducted with complete integrity and the highest standards of ethics. We are totally committed to team work, individual respect, hard work, innovative engineering and the best business practices which will result in the long term success of Precision Turbines and our Team Members.

Super II Mod to the Citation 550

The Super II is a modification to the Cessna Citation 550 model with new Williams International FJ44-3 Wide Sweep 3,000 Pound Turbofan engines. Included in this modification are:

  • Digital Channel FADEC for comprehensive power management.
  • Full time syncing between the two engines when in ECU mode.

Airframe modification to accept the new engines:

  • All engineered and approved structural changes to the aircraft to accept the FJ44’s.
  • All new engine mounts, hoses and bleed air lines.
  • New high recovery inlets and convergent / divergent exhaust nozzles.
  • New Sierra Meggitt LCD Digital Engine Instrument Display.
  • Paint on the affected areas.

The Super II provides superior performance and capability. The following are estimated Super II performance benefits over the JT15D-4 engine:

  • The JT15D-4 powered aircraft can only maintain Vmo to 19,000 feet where the Super II can maintain Vmo all the way to the Mmo limit and then Mmo as high as 35,000 feet.
  • Climb direct to 43,000 feet at gross weight in less than 30 minutes.
  • Economy cruise speed as much as 30 knots faster.
  • Fly 150 miles farther at maximum cruise power.
  • Fly 200 miles farther at economy cruise power.
  • Climb 50% better at sea level with all engine operative and 38% better at sea level with one engine operative.